The Original Lolita's Tamales - Since 1957
Lolita's Tamales

Same family owners since our Grandfather opened in 1957


Our Tamales are made to be moist. Never Dry.

Our sauce is runny, making our Tamales the best experience you'll ever have.

We cook our own corn, we grind our own corn, we make our own Masa.

The same goes for our own Green Chili & Red Chili Sauce.

We even butcher our own meat.

Making everything from scratch, with no preservatives since 1957

Our Grandfather opened Lolita's Tamales in the corner of

Whittier Blvd & Indiana St. in 1957

In 1986 the Earthquake that raddled the City of Los Angeles,

as our building came down, it made us move more East of Los Angeles

towards the City of Montebello.

Since 1957, we have stayed true to our traditions and specially our Recipes.

In May of 2015, we celebrated our 58th Anniversary.

Thank you for your continued patronage 

From The Original Lolita's Family